We are proud to do the following in our local community;


We provide cooked meals, pillows, blankets & kids/parent packs to help support those fleeing from domestic violence.

We are currently in 4 DV Shelters around Brisbane with more to come on board.

Domestic Violence is a horrible situation for anyone to encounter. Fleeing those situations are often very difficult and can result with families becoming more isolated. Our mission is to help the shelters by providing what the DV Victims may need immediately. 

Our future plan is to also assist in providing a support network for the victims, in hopes that will help them not to return to the DV situation out of loneliness or fear.

Lunch Packs for School Students via Chaplains

We are currently in 11 schools and counting, feeding dozens of children a week.

So far: Over 2,000 lunch packs have been given as we build relationship with our local schools.

Meals for families in our community

It is our privilege to be supporting multiple families each week.

So far: Over 2,500 meals have been given to feed our local community families.

Breaky Clubs in Schools

We are supporting chaplains in schools with breakfast clubs for students.

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One-on-One Mentoring Program in local primary schools.