who is jesus?

Simply put - Jesus is God.

The God of the Bible, The Christian God, is a Triune Being. 3 distinct persons indivisible by nature. 

The Father, The Son (Jesus), The Holy Spirit.

Jesus was sent by The Father to walk amongst man to show them the way, to love them, to heal them and to lead them back to The Father.  Jesus came to bring life. His words are a light to our feet. His love is an example of how to live. His death is the price He paid for us. His resurrection showed His divine nature and power. 

Only by the name of Jesus can man be saved. Saved from what? Great question. Saved from an eternity without the love, presence & grace of God.


He is the Hope of humanity.


When Jesus ascended into Heaven to be seated at The Fathers' right hand, advocating for mankind, He sent The Holy Spirit in His stead. 

The great & gentle Holy Spirit points the way to Jesus, showing us our need for a Saviour and speaks of His love and mercy.
Jesus is the only way to The Father.

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